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We as a society need to make a world that is safe for our children. This is a mammoth task given the background of the huge child population, high incidence of preventable and chronic conditions, poverty, problems of abuse, child trafficking, and socio-cultural attitudes. Nevertheless, we are determined to fight for children’s rights and to obtain social justice and equity for all children, particularly in the areas of education and health care. We shall seek revision and framing of legal measures for child protection. We shall make every effort to educate and inform the community to bring about a change in all issues that are detrimental to child welfare and development. The ICANCL Group needs the support of all those who share our concern and commitments and are willing to help.

Our Partnerships

  1. Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program: Several members continue to serve weekly for the orphans, vulnerable and street children of Delhi through drop in centers, BUDS; an NGO. The program has benefited more than 40,000 street children since its inception in year 2000.
  2. IAP Presidential Plan on Child Abuse and Neglect: It is the first time in the history of IAP that the president has included child abuse and neglect in its presidential plan 2018-2019. The plan envisages training of pediatricians and medical professionals to prevent and respond child abuse and neglect in all the five regional zones of the country. Pediatricians, doctors and allied health care professionals are often the first point of contact for abused and neglected children. They play a key role in detecting child abuse and neglect, and provide immediate and longer-term care and support to children. As guardians of health, it is incumbent upon the medical sector to urgently plan and manifest its efforts to address child abuse and neglect in Indian socio-economic scenarios and tackle the many entrenched problems.
  3. UNICEF partnership with ICANCL group on Child Abuse and Neglect: Prevention and Response by Pedia,tricians & Medical Professionals: The aims and objectives of the project include: a) development of a curriculum to raise awareness & understanding for prevention and response to child abuse and neglect by pediatricians and allied medical professionals, b) development of a package of communications for parents and caregivers training of selected pediatricians and medical doctors and c) selected pediatricians and medical professionals.

    A multidisciplinary expert committee has been constituted to guide the production of a scientific, evidence-based Standard Operating Protocol & training manual for prompt assessment, examination and management of victims of child abuse & neglect by pediatricians & medical professionals. The curriculum will also cover new legislations, including the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act (2015) & the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012, and the role of pediatricians and allied professionals in ensuring protection of victims of child abuse. The curriculum will also be made available in e-format to facilitate wider dissemination. Endorsement for this curriculum will be sought from the Ministries for Health and Family Welfare as well as Women and Child Development of the Government of India.
  4. ICANCL partnership with Indian Child Protection Medical professional Network (ICPMPN):The formation of Indian Child Protection Medical professional Network (ICPMPN) − a collaboration between ICANCL Group and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), Virginia, USA. ICPMPN is being developed for a network of paediatricians and allied medical doctors from across India. Doctors from a variety of disciplines, including Pediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, forensic medicine, community medicine and mental health shall be trained to increase accessibility and improve the quality of medical evaluations for suspected victims of Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) /Child Sexual Exploitation(CSE), in compliance with the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO), Act, 2012, Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India and Guidelines & Protocols: Medico-legal care for survivors/victims of Sexual Violence, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India.(Click Here for PDF    ) A list of the ICPMPN Providers across India can be found Here
  5. Workshops: Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Prevention & Response: The ICANCL group continues to organize periodic academic workshops and symposiums to advocate themes to address child rights and protection. The following academic training workshops were held recently: a) Workshop on CSA at National Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (PEDICON Jan 2018), Nagpur, Maharashtra; b) All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Dean’s Committee Room, May 2018 c) IAP Indore Workshop 2018 on Management of Child Sexual Abuse, August 2018. Similar one day workshops to train pediatricians and other medical professionals in management of child sexual abuse will be held on 5th October 2018 at Amritsar as part of North Zone Pedicon, and on 23rd November 2018 at New Delhi with the PCNI ( IAP Delhi ).

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