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Indian Child Abuse, Neglect and Child Labour

Indian Child Abuse, Neglect and Child Labour Group (ICANCL Group) is a nationally registered society (registration no. S-68745/2010). It was started in 1996 within the framework of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP).

Recognizing the impact of socioeconomic, cultural and environmental factors on child health, development and overall welfare, ICANCL Group specifically focuses on comprehensive child welfare, child rights, abuse, neglect, exploitation and rehabilitation.

The ICANCL Group addresses the problems of Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) with a multidisciplinary approach with other agencies and community organizations interested in child welfare. The group has committed its efforts to reach out the to neglected, deprived and abused children for their comprehensive needs, which include health aspects, education, rehabilitation, protection and prevention. Membership of ICANCL Group is open to people of all disciplines interested in the protection of children.Advocacy, information and sensitization are the crucial issues. The Group has held a number of national and regional conferences and publishes an annual newsletter highlighting its work and informing on ICANCL issues.

Our logo depicts a boy and a girl leaping out of the shackles of barbed wire that represents child abuse, neglect and child labour. The girl holds a book, signifying the right to education. The boy has a ball, signifying the right to play, to be a child! They leap up together, holding hands, indicating their right to a joyous, healthy childhood. The rising sun represents hope, light, and a new awakening.

What is IAP?

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics was established in 1963, at Mumbai with a little more than 150 pediatricians as its members. In its Golden Jubilee year, 2013, there are over 23,000 members across the country. It has 26 State, and 303 District, and City level branches. The Academy has promoted different specialties in the field of Pediatrics through it various Chapters.
IAP is the largest and most representative association of Pediatricians in India as compared with other organizations of medical specialties that are often fragmented and segmented. This indicates the unity that the association has been able to maintain among its members over the past 50 years.
One of the major activities undertaken by the IAP since its inception has been to organize Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs by holding conferences, symposia, lectures and other meets all over the country.
Pediatrics as a subject was relatively underrepresented in the undergraduate curriculum in the 1950s but IAPs efforts resulted in the subject receiving more importance and being recognized as a separate discipline.
The Government of India recognized the strength and unity of the IAP and has, over the years, invited the participation and critical appraisal of Child health programs initiated by Central and State Governments.
IAP’s head office is in Mumbai, while Delhi is the seat of its official publication – Indian Pediatrics, an indexed journal. Another journal – Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics, is published from Chennai and has become a popular source of scientific information.


All members of the IAP can become Ordinary Life Members of the ICANCL Group and physicians who are not IAP members can become Associate Life....

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Aims and Objectives

The Group realizes that the problems must be tackled at various fronts, jointly with other agencies and organizations interested in child...

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